Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Moments in Time

"A scientist once said there is no such thing as time. So perhaps we do not exist in time as we know it. We cannot hold on to the past or grab onto the future, and the present is ever gone."  Beatrice Wood

My standard line is that I lived a gypsy life. I have lived in over 30 houses and went to 11 schools between kindergarten and graduating high school. Most of my life has been spend in a similar climate so there was really nothing to reference time except events-moments in time. That is my life, simply, moments in time. This past month.....

We had a big storm at the end of February that would have been called a hurricane had the date been different. It continued the change of landscape that was started just under 3 years ago in the Patriot's Day Storm of April 19, 2007. Lots of trees lost in that storm set up the loss of many more in this storm. The ocean also heaves up, gets wild and unruly. It is interesting to watch the changes occur right before your eyes in a very short span of time. You can welcome the extra sun in the woods but still mourn the loss of the tall tree creatures. Clean up will be an ongoing affair for some time for all the islands. It will also take time to let the new landscape settle into our minds and feel normal.

Sadie turned 7 on the 12th. We celebrated by having some of her friends and their humans over. There was dinner and dominos. It was a lot of fun. It's hard to believe Sadie came to us at 11 months of age, just over 6 years ago through the New England Old English Sheepdog Rescue after 2 families gave up on her. Since we are all a good fit together, the time seems to fly by which makes it even more important to notice and mark the time passing - being aware, grateful and not taking it for granted. We also appreciate having wonderful and talented friends that help mark these precious moments in special ways! Posie's Mom, Jamie Hogan, gave Sadie this amazing card that speaks for itself. The best friends are old friends!

There is nothing quite like it to personally mark the moment in time!

The collaborative work got bisque fired and the base broke into many pieces with the only one casualty being the clay rope. We four got together on the 13th to underglaze and glaze. Those pieces were fired and here is the result of our efforts. We will be looking for a new base for the pieces and see what resonates with all of us. Next will be the final product coming soon!

Art bought this 1973 VW Bug 37 years ago in Sandusky, Ohio. We fell in love in this car and "Woodstock" has been like a member of the family for all those years since it was our mode of transport to work, camping, hiking, everywhere. This is a photo of it's final journey on the ferry to be transferred to a gentleman who will be giving it new adventures in Cape May, New Jersey. This was certainly a moment in time we won't forget. Lots of special memories associated with this dear, dependable & adorable car.

So you see, there are many times, moments & memories that mark time as it flies by.

Some thoughts about time and the possibilities.....

"We shape clay into a pot
but it is the emptiness inside
that holds whatever we want."  Lao Tzu

There is only one you for all time. Fearlessly be yourself.” Anthony Rapp

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  1. the best friend are the furry ones! so happy to see my card appreciated, woof woof!