Friday, September 11, 2009

Change of Seasons

If you noticed, it's been over a month since my last posting. It was a very full month, full of all the things that make life worthwhile. Saying goodbye to loved ones, having friends come to Peaks, visiting childhood friends, catching up when you can and simply living fully in each moment or you might be overwhelmed. Great practice!

Walking around the island provides scenery that fits the mood, any mood in which you might find yourself. This view from backshore is "peace as a storm passes by". Quite lovely, huh? Peaks does provide soul food.

A little further along the same walk, this part of a tree that is seemingly grounded in the rocks, that has survived many a storm and has not moved nor washed away. It reminds us that despite many changes, some things do stay the same. We are grounded somewhere, even if we cannot see it at that moment.

Autumn is here with the blink of an eye, the cool nights, the apples coming on, pumpkins too. I love the change of seasons but most of all I love the changes that occur in us, getting us ready, in this case, for Autumn. I have only experienced this as an adult and will not live long enough for it's novelty nor it's magic to fade for me. Yeehaw! Bring it on.

As you can tell this past month has been about being present, whatever the circumstances, while savoring each moment. I am all fired up, just like the sculpture to move into one of my favorite seasons, Autumn (although I love them all). I plan to make pumpkins for one of many fun, seasonal projects. Enjoy the seasonal changes wherever you are.

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