Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A trip to Washington DC is good for the soul!

As Americans, we can all be very proud of Washington DC. It is an amazing city and if you love Art, it is beyond fabulous. There is simply so much to choose from and no amount of time would ever be adequate but what fun trying!

This "game fish" displayed at the Renwick Gallery was so delightful. It was fully decorated with very old toys, those from my childhood and possibly some from before that. Magic.

In one of the outdoor markets, I found these bottlecap people. Bottlecap art always intrigues me as it is recycling at it's finest and the creativity expressed is over the top. Fun, fun, fun.

Washington DC also fed me in a different way since I love food. My husband Art, does too and he had Old Ebbitt Grill on his list. It was a must because it is so old, so beautifully decorated, and so well enjoyed by so many. It has gas lamps, the real deal, everywhere with fantastic glass globes of every shape and size giving that soft glow that is so easy on the eyes. From the moment you walked in until you left, full and happy, you were in good hands.

Like the Renwick Gallery building, lots of buildings in DC have "Dedicated to Art" on the front of them, usually carved from the stone of the building. We delighted in that fact with each one we saw since I am married to Art, dedicated to Art, commited to Art, a slave to Art, etc., etc., etc. I could go on and on.

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