Saturday, November 14, 2009

New Stuff Happening!

Oh Boy!  Yipee!  Hooray!! Today is a happy day with my new website just made live. Let me know what you think and I can tell you, I love it!  Done by the incomparable Marty Braun! Such a great feeling after all the pondering, consternating, figuring out, deciding, changing my mind, hoping, praying, yes, I could go on but you get the jist. Marty also did my business cards (I have 8 different ones) and I chose my favorite for a logo I use in my studio and in some of my advertisements. Here it is again!

Some other new fun stuff to tell you about is wool bowls. I heard about them through a friend and liked the idea. Any excuse to play, so...I came up with these.  They are the small version which is adequate for a ball of yarn. You put the ball in the bowl and thread the yarn through the openings on the side. While you knit, the yarn comes out of the bowl smoothly, without tangling. I need to make some of the bigger version but at least you can see where I am headed and how beautiful they are.

Just so you can see what is on the shelf in November of 09.

And the best for last!  I can't resist the sweet stuff, if you know what I mean!  This fellow has been hanging out with me for some time and since it is getting colder, I felt like I really needed to get with the program and get him outfitted for the season. If you are shy, don't look.  First, him naked and second, him dressed.  Hope all of this makes you smile! 

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  1. SO beautiful - love the adorable snowman, but the knitting bwols are genious. I love your blg (did not know about it til now ) and your new website too. Just missing a photo of yo u, all of you, so please post one! xoxo Leslie