Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Time of Birthings

November 23rd, our new nephew, Colin Patrick Long was born. The entire family is appropriately elated. Congrats to Mom, Dad & brother James! Thanks to sisters who have helped out getting everyone settled in. Bless you!

The 2010 Island Phone Directory was born in early December. It really is a birthing for me since I work on it for around 9 months. I have, however, discovered it is not as exciting to the general public as it is to me. This time, I heard right away how much everyone loves the cover they will be living with for 2 years. Thank you and kudos to Jamie Hogan!

I recently had the chance to complete a commission for some friends for their 25th wedding anniversary. This was the culmination of those efforts and will continue to follow the theme which will bring forth more sculptures along the same lines. Another birthing along the love theme.

A while back several pitchers, organic in nature, came along that pleased me to no end. Recently a few more have found their way into being and there is a sense that this is only the beginning.

Somehow they end up glazed in earth tones so will try to branch out from that and introduce some color to see how they express themselves.

Compliments the theme of birthing, bringing forth, pouring out, opening.
“And what is as important as knowledge?”, asked the mind.
“Caring, and seeing with the heart”, answered the soul.

May you greet the new year with an open heart, spirit and mind. 


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