Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Sweet & Powerful Promise of New Beginnings

Yes, it's that time of year that we greet with goals, ideas and enthusiasm. I love the sweetness of the holdays for it's "downtime", more opportunities to gather with friends and family as well as the opportunity to think about the upcoming year and all that we hope it might bring. I hope for peace.

Our Christmas tree is always one from our property that will not be surviving anyway and give it a last blast by being decorated with all manner of ornaments from our eclectic backgrounds. You can see the Old English Sheepdog along the bottom (Sadie), the "Merry Christmas" crab from my sister in Louisiana and various ornaments of the seas and the cosmos. Have you ever noticed if you have blinking lights that they always go with the music, whatever music you have on. I swear!

Just before year end, I managed to squeek out these two bean pots. One has already been tried and the other is awaiting being picked up and taken to it's new home. Winter food is truly the best! I do say that about all the seasons but... I do love the warmth, long cooking, long on comfort, food of the winter. I have the crock pot out and am trying all kinds of new recipes. So far, incredibly yummy.

A while back 3 friends and I decided we wanted to try some collaborative work between us.  We made some criteria, threw around some ideas and made a date to get together to put the pieces together and see what might come from it. Saturday was the day. We had a great time, especially being together. At the end of the day this is the piece we had created. Now we will wait for it to dry thoroughly and go on from there. We all had smiles on our faces and will be looking forward to the next date to underglaze and glaze the piece. I trust this is only the beginning of more work to be birthed by we four.

Happy new beginnings and enjoy the sweet & powerful promise they give.

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