Monday, April 4, 2011

3 months worth!

Here is my family working hard in January to keep the decks clear and paths open for our fuel suppliers. Art shovels and Sadie supervises while eating as much snow as possible to help out!  The booties are not just a fashion statement but a practical matter for sheepdogs who love the snow.  Sadie is in that category.

Some old and new work together.  Classes started again at Portland Pottery in early January.  However, they were still in the midst of enlarging the high fire gas kiln. Got it completed and now work is sailing through as we all get accustomed to the changes in the kiln. Check out teacher Lori Watts blog. Strictly fun!

More old stuff, new stuff.

Heart bowls that I got too late for Valentines Day but thank goodness love is a year round thing! Perfect for cereal since after you finish the cereal, you can tip the point into your mouth and there goes the milk!

Photo by John Morrill Read, (website under construction), friend, human being and artist extraordinaire! Art turned 60 and we had to celebrate. Great time of year for the party, everyone was tired of wintah, and we had a Texas theme with Ronda Dale along with Kevin Attra and special guest Nina, all delighting us with Texas swing music. Everyone participated in the amazing food and a good time was had by all from what we hear. Never saw so many cowboy hats in Maine in one spot! Boots, too! Art was certainly feeling the love that afternoon. What a nice way to usher in the 60's.

March had it's supermoon and we went backshore to see it rise up along with lots of other Peaks Islanders. Truly a sight to see! Thankfully the weather cooperated with a clear evening.

Maine weather always reminds me of when the cowardly lion wakes up in the field of poppies after the snow saying, "Unusual weather we're having!" We had a beautiful surprise snow after a 68 degree day in March. The pair of cardinals we have around made it even more of a stark contrast by hanging around in the bushes we can see near our birdfeeder that they love so much.  Cute couple although he steals the show with his looks.

Having lived in Maine for over 16 years, we decided it was time to experience Maine Maple Sunday. We went to Merrifield Farm in Gorham. It was wonderful! The reason we chose that farm in particular was they had maple soft serve ice cream. It was amazing and the people were so nice.  I recommend it to anyone.

New Work-Found a new fish plate for this year and I really like them a lot.

Still making wool bowls. thanks to my cousin Julie and her knitting group in Trinidad, CO.

Cushing Matte Blue if you can imagine!

Fun with Cushing Matte Green and wax resist.

Well, that was some of my new work and this season I will have some of my Father's work to share and sell at the open studios on Peaks this summer. Can't wait to share his work and I love having his energy in my studio. I also have a new "claymate" in Justin Palmer, an islander with a degree in ceramics from Bennington, VT. The studio is alive and well!


The cork bulletin board is finished!    Looks great and thanks to all my pals who have been saving their corks for me so I could finish.  Mucho appreciate y'all drinking all that wine to help me out.

There you have it, 3 months worth.  Enjoy!  I am headed for the studio. Happy creating!

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