Wednesday, May 18, 2011


In and amidst the days as they fly by are moments of incredible delight.  It is those that I choose to commit to memory because at the end of the day, at the end of my life, they are what remind me of what it is all about. The sources are endless and varied. It might be an image you have seen, an amazing meal someone has made with “love” as the main ingredient, a puppy you can’t find words to describe the feeling you get when you see and smell them, the art of a dear friend that shows you the sweetness and depth of their soul, a chance meeting when you KNOW someone sees you for exactly who you are (and loves you anyway), the tender touch and lack of words when you find a compassionate compadre in your walk, love in a look, something that opens your heart like nothing else-all delightful, worth remembering and if you are lucky, common in your experience.

Rogers, the artist of this drawing, was a self taught petroleum geologist who mentored my husband. I got to know him, his wife and family, all a gift of cosmic proportions. There was a book written, “This Day so Sweet”, which if you are interested, is available through about Sally, the Mom and Sue, the daughter. Rogers had started out as a draftsman but was always drawing something, mostly hysterically funny. Long after he died, his daughter showed me this drawing named “Broken Wing” that I keep near for its magnificence. You can easily see why.  By the way, it is Rogers carrying his own broken wing.

copyright M.C.Orme 2010

A friend brought me this card, created by another friend, because it screamed my name at her. I am a potter, love making bowls and I love to bowl (ten pin) with my buddies every week. When she blessed me with it, I smiled so hard my head hurt. This was double the pleasure, double the fun, (you know, the spearmint gum) on so many levels. I loved it - one friend’s art, another friends love and the opportunity to smile from my heart each time I see it. Also notice the heart bowl in amongst the others. I make heart bowls and love them. The artist has one and called to thank me, telling me how she loved to have her cereal out of that bowl because when she was done with the cereal, she would tip the bowl to the point and the milk went right into her mouth. YUM! “Art from the heart” is this story.

Just so you can see for yourself. Doesn’t it make you smile?

Although this is what I affectionately call “brown and white food”, this is brown and white food at its best.  There is a group of us that loved to take a trip to Boston periodically and that always included “Casa Portugal” on Cambridge Street.  We ordered by number, loved our waiter and always left happy. If you get a chance, don’t pass it by. The food is made with immense love and is like nothing you have ever had.  What is not to love?

Back in 2008, my friend Stephanie and I made this quilt to show at the “Art from the Heart” in conjunction with the American Cancer Society's Annual Living with Cancer Conference. It was made, in a hurry, with great love. It always touches a place deep inside and delights me to no end.

I must say I love having a puppy in my life. It makes me softer and delight is around every corner. I want to experience that sweet puppy smell every chance I get. I love, love, love all the antics that never cease to delight. It is short lived so especially important to savor each and every moment. Those moments are each truly a delightful gift. Have you ever noticed that people who are not normally soft, soften up around a pup?

Hope you have been delighted! The studio is calling me home.

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  1. Art, puppies, and love. What more do we need?
    OK, maybe a little champagne to top it off.
    Thanks for being you, Peg!