Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Bluebird has landed!

Another title might be: "Dreams can come true with a little help from our friends!"

Ok, another hiatis, another great story. 

Clay entered my world in a wonderful way about 10 years ago.  In that time I have become 10 years older and hopefully a little wiser.  Over the years I have thought a lot about pug mills and how they might make my life a lot easier.  A few years back I met an incredible woman that I knew was a kindred spirit right away, Jo Israelson.  Her energy is contagious and dynamic and I love time with her. She knows everyone and one of her many strengths is connecting people, something I have dabbled with in my past and I can truly appreciate it's value.  So, a year and a bit ago, I told her if she heard about a pug mill, to please let me know. I heard from her the following week!  (She's good!)  She told me she had found one for me.  I was excited. She then told me it was free. I was in an incredulous state! This is beyond I told myself.  She then told me it was in Colorado. Being a terminal optomist, I was sure it was a gift from the universe and a little distance could certainly be overcome.  Well, in July, the "Bluebird" landed on Peaks Island.  A million thanks to Blair Meerfeld, the chairman of The Art League Ceramics Department in Washington, DC whose generosity of spirit is very much appreciated.

Here it is missing it's cover that says "BLUEBIRD" on it. This was the beginning of getting to know each other.  There was a lot of cleaning and tampering to do before calling her ready to rock and roll.

Here she sits awaiting our work together - several five gallon buckets of clay to be recycled and made ready to be made into pots, plates and other functional stuff!  Tuesday we have a date. Thank you Jo!  Thank you Blair!

Just a few of the latest stuff to come out of the kiln at Portland Pottery.  We were away for a wonderful wedding in Northampton, MA this weekend and when I got back I went into the studio and found one of my favorite new plates had spontaneously combusted. I will need to look into this as it did not seem like there would have been enough of a temperature change to cause it so....I'll look into the possibilities and correct from there.

So sad! Luckily I have others ready to be glazed. 

This sea grape plate came out well with the same glaze but a clay body that is the same color but has more grog in it. I love the difference!

This clam shell came out great and I suspect there will not be another like it since this was from a mismixed bucket of glaze that a few of us around the Portland Pottery studio love.  I noticed it is getting low, boo hoo.

If you live in the area and want a treat, come to Peaks Island on August 14th for "Art on the Porch". This is an annual craft fair at the Fifth Maine Regiment Museum starting at 10am. A huge variety of talented artists and craftsmen and their wares.  Good food, too! I will be there, too!


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