Thursday, January 26, 2012

Moments of Brilliance

To me life is full of "moments of brilliance". You know, when you just about levitate out of your body with awe and delight.  Recognizing those moments is not difficult and delighting in them is the easiest thing I have ever done.  For me these moments are usually surrounded by magical events that you suspected were such but could not be sure "if" or "how" until you are blinded by the light (so to speak).

Back yard after snow
Way back yonder , in August, I met a gal at my open studio that asked if we could barter for a commission.  We had been talking for quite a while and her energy was lovely as was she. We made a deal and the piece is now out of bisque. I adore it and now am thinking of the glazing hoping to bring out the best in this lovely, sweet piece.  I will keep you informed about how it goes but I still wanted to share and delight you with the process and albeit a lengthy one, it is filled with delight the whole way.

hippo planter

Everything has two sides and it's difficult to capture it in it's entirety with one photo so.....the other side.

hippo hinie

Isn't it wonderful! I am confident that any plant would be delighted to live and thrive sandwiched between such a cute front and back side. I may be just a bit prejudiced but then.....maybe not.

On Friday, March 30th, 2012, the Immigrant Legal Advocacy Project will be having it's 8th annual CeleSoiree: Celebrating Immigration through the Arts at The Portland Company.  If you have not been, you really should go!  It is a great party with food, art, music along with a noble cause being supported at the same time.  For the past few years I have donated drums.  Having just agreeing to donate I wanted to get started on my drum for the cause.  I just put the pieces together Tuesday and am thrilled witht the results.  Throwing caution to the wind, trusting that it will make it through all the firings and that my glazing choices will do it justice here'tis. I'm grinning from ear to ear!

drum in the raw

Any artists who would like to donate art can get in touch with ILAP through the link above. A donation includes a ticket to the CeleSoiree, a wonderful party not to be missed. DONATE! It will be one more of those moments of brilliance in your life!

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