Friday, February 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Missy!

I am an ardent admirer of Melissa Capuano and her art and today is her 40th birthday.
Her Mom, Kathleen is a friend, fellow potter and classmate of mine at Portland Pottery.
I don't have lots of pictures but wanted to share some images with you along with information on Missy's solo show March 2-31, 2012 at The Little Dog Coffee Shop, 87 Maine Street, Brunswick, Maine 04011 and some information on the non-profit Spindleworks where Missy creates and sells her art. Of course there is a Peaks Island connection! Our friend, Madeline Gielow of Peaks works at Spindleworks and is also a friend of Missy and Kathleen. Small world, huh?

Spindleworks was chosen by the Maine Arts Commission to design and create Maine's ornaments for the 2011 National Christmas tree display. Here is Missy with her ornament. Her moose is inside the globe ornament that went to Washington, DC.

There was a workshop at Spindleworks and Missy created this wonderful wooden peacock. I believe it was sold before it was finished.  Isn't it just wonderful? I love, love, love the energy of this piece.

This piece came about in a workshop about paper sculpture. Pure delight! 
You can see why I admire and am so inspired by Missy's work.

Missy loves to make portraits and here is a recent one -  Kermit - our favorite frog playing the banjo!

Missy's show at The Little Dog Coffee Shop is portraits from Little House on the Prairie.
Here is the press release on the show:

While modern TV dramas such as CSI, Law and Order, and Parenthood blanket the air waves and shape our understanding of modern society, those of us of a certain age are still informed by the TV shows of our youth. In her homage to Little House on the Prairie, Melissa Capuano puts us face to face with the characters of this memorable drama. Front and center in each frame, Laura, Albert, Pa and Doc Baker bring us back to a “simpler time” but when the issues faced were just as important as they are today. Drawing parallels to the current day, Capuano states: “they talk about real issues like drugs, death, friends, family, and supporting each other”. Her paintings reveal the larger than life part these fictional figures can play in our lives. Fourteen of the legendary T.V. show characters adorn the walls of the Little Dog in March. Come get a cup of coffee and have a sit down talk with Laura, Pa, Nellie, and remember the life lessons learned.

 Here is Missy and her pal "Duke" raising money at the spring 2011 Ride-A-Thon at "Riding to the Top" in Windham, Maine.
Two good friends riding off into the sunset.
Happy trails to you and Duke!
Happy 40th Birthday Missy!

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