Thursday, March 15, 2012

Delights and disappointments

Here is Missy at her show at the Little Dog Coffee Shop at 87 Maine Street, Brunswick, ME.  Her show continues until the end of the month.  Be sure and go if you can!  Here is some more of Missy's art.

Portraits at Little Dog Coffee Shop in Brunswick.

Missy's mosaic which won a prize!

Missy's doll sculpture

Above, portrait of Chena

Missy's sculpture

As you can see Missy crosses all boundaries and creates all kinds of amazing art. She inspires me!

Hippo has arrived, made it through all the firings and is ready to go to a new home. Great fun for a first. There will undoubtedly be more of the same with the wisdom garnered from the first one.  I am thinking pig, elephant, panda.  We will see what comes next. Great start though!  Thanks Sheila for the inspirtion and the trade. I like that we both feel we got the best deal.

rear view

note the serendipity heart on hippo's cheek!

More new work.....the agony and the ecstasy

A wonderful form that came together like a dream and meant to be a donation to ILAP's Cele Soiree fundraiser.  Sadly it was loaded in the kiln upside down so it got stuck to the kiln shelf whick took the bowl of the drum out of round. You can see the difference from a previous posting showing it bisqued and ready to be glazed.  I learned that if I made one, I can make others.

After grinding the top, maybe I should put the skin on it and see how it sounds.  Maybe it has a voice worth hearing and knows it is supposed to "be".  We'll see. It is against my nature to give up on things.

Lovely teacher Lori Watts showed her classes how to make some covered butter dishes.  The variety of each person's style has made these a big hit.  I love making them and the response has been great.

More of not the same. Cute, huh?

So there it is, more Missy, Hippo survives being a prototype and new work, the agony and the ecstasy.
Life is good.

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