Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Latest work

Thanks to Matt Barnes for putting his graduation from college present (a while back), a lovely commercial kiln into the PPE studio.  That facilitated the making of some platters and some molds that would not fit in the other kilns.  Here are some of the first ones that came out while checking for production problems.  Had one break and some others move more than I like, but nevertheless I am pleased with the results. I really lucked out with the celadon pieces.  They are both gorgeous.  It does not always happen so my deep thanks to the kiln Gods.

I finally have had some luck with a beautiful big fish dish that a friend lent me.  It has taken some time but again the kiln Gods said it was my turn.  This special combination of glazes gives us something we call the "galaxy" effect.  You get a sense of it from the photo but the colors that sneak in and the depth are hard to capture in 2 dimentions. I trust you can still appreciate the effect.

Since I live on an island it is natural to go with the sea theme.  I make several kinds of butter dishes and these are ones that I love to make. I add nautical things, frogs, lizards, shells, starfish, masks and all other kinds of stuff I can find to mold.  Here are two of the sea types with nautilus shells and starfish.

The latest of my fish vases, shorter than most but makes up for it with those lips!

I have some more new stuff up my sleeve for the coming weeks and will be posting the progress.  The studio itself is shifting around for the upcoming season. It helps to shake it all up and hone it to fit the new work and the processes that accommodate it all.  I'll post the changes and stuff that is just coming out of the kilns now very soon. 

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