Wednesday, August 22, 2012

earthoven 101 graduation party

Firing it up!!!

I can seriously recommend helping someone build an earth oven because the party when it is ready to fire up is AWESOME!  It was great to see everyone again and some of their family members that joined the group. I promise a great time was had by all. First and foremost the place that the earth oven is built is beautiful with the best energy ever. Sweet, sweet, sweet!  I know too many exclamation points but...I cannot help myself.
Jesse taught us about making bread, the acoutrements you need when baking in an earth oven and the process itself along with the things to look out for when working and at the same time while losing heat in your oven. 

With the bread rising, we had a little time to play.

Jim has been making these teeter totters and they were so much fun. Art and I just had to try it and relive all the feelings it brought back from childhood.  Priceless.

Here is the bread booty from the first full firing of the oven. The pan is scones that were put in towards the end and although they ran together (oven not hot enough).  No matter they were so yummy.  You know everything tastes better when it is cooked outside. Another plug for earth ovens.

Jesse enlightened us about making pizza dough while he fired up the oven once again. I had heard that it cooks pizza's in a couple of minutes.  It's true, no lie.  Unbelievable.  Party time!
As you can see the teeter totter, the sweet places to light, alone or with others gives you an idea of what I was talking about - the energy is lovely at "studio on the hill". Jim and Cat's special energy is everywhere you look.  There was a tiny happy buddah on the top of the earth oven. Sweet.

The pizza dough was on parchment paper which made it easy to deal with (pizza dough is really sticky) as you chose your toppings and made your pizza. The paper burned off as you put it in the oven with the peel.

Because we were cooking so many pizzas a small fire was left in the back corner of the earth oven to keep the temperature up. Ain't that a beautiful sight? If only you could smell it.  It was ready in no time and was super delicious.

It was a wonderful experience building the earth oven and also enjoying it's gifts.  Many thanks to Cat and Jim for wanting it and to Jesse who guided us wisely the entire way.  We all learned something and had that wonderful feeling of a shared experience.  The eating part was great too.  If you ever find yourself with an opportunity like this, do not hesitate to dive in head first as it will be an experience you won't soon forget.  I trust that our little group, when our paths cross will be delighted to see each other. The bond is a special one. Thanks mucho Cat, Jim, Jesse and the gang.

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