Monday, September 17, 2012

One of my favorite times of year!

As the weather changes from summah (a Maine term) to Fall, the tourists who have enjoyed Peaks throughout the summah have gone back to put their children in school. There are still many day trippers and leaf peepers coming and going but....the change in scale is lovely and noticeable. As the days start getting shorter and there is a nip in the air and the trees respond with their color shifts and we start winding down our gardens we know winter is coming.  Before that happens there will be lots of Fairs and apple picking.  I always lived in the tropics or at least warmer climes my whole life so I adore this change in the weather because it produces a change of spirit preparing for the winter months and the sweet promise of spring. That's why it is one of my favorite times of year.

In the studio, we have decorated with leaves of clay and are preparing for the installation of a pellet stove.  We are looking forward to the change and reliable, low cost heat so we can play/work in the studio throughout the upcoming quieter months. I'll take you on a short tour of current inventory and projects.

This is a table of wood turned pieces that my Dad made down in Texas.  It has been a wonderful addition to the studio and since the shapes are similar it makes for a lovely contrast between wood and clay.  Thanks Dad!

You may remember the hippo.  Well, now we have a panda flower pot.  I thought it would be perfect to carry your own bamboo with you hence...the lucky bamboo.  Too cute.

It's been fun trying all kinds of new things. Note the butter dishes in the back that can also hold goat cheese or anything that comes in a roll, i.e. crackers, etc.

This was made long ago when Sadie was hanging out one day in the studio so I quickly made her in clay.  Just got around to glazing it and I adore it because it really does look like her.  In person, or dog, she is so cute but I do think this little sculpture is a good likeness to the real thing.  Precious.

The next 4 photos are of a drum that I am still working on but I love, love, love the design.  It was just what I was going for!  I do feel like it needs a transition from the edge of the goat skin drum head to the drum itself.

Not an easy pattern but a worthwhile pattern.  Came up with an idea of how to do it much more quickly and efficiently and it worked!!! Hooray!

I used a glaze pen bottle.  It is a small bottle you can fill with glaze that has a long thin metal tip that the glaze runs through, coming out in thin lines based on your squeeze factor.  This took a few hours instead of much, much more time.

I'll add a shot when I get the transition figured out. Meanwhile, I am doing slip casting (for the first time) of a nativity scene given to me by a neighbor. I love trying new things and am enjoying the process and the learning a lot.  More to come in the next few months of playing in my toasty studio.  Stay tuned.


  1. Wow, I LOVE the clay Sadie! A perfect likeness, as only you can create. I also find the black and white drum so jazzy. Great works, Peg!

  2. Good am Peg:

    First of all - it is amazing how you take the time to really hone your craft and still be part of the world of Peaks and beyond.

    By taking classes, practicing on the wheel, teaching, and of course, walking Sadie--you are always learning and the work always changing.

    I LOVE the drums...vibrant and can't wait to hear their sound.

    More importantly, I honor your willingness to experiment and possibly fail as you convert your vision to a reality.