Saturday, November 24, 2012

A sad day for our family

Today our sister in law Donna passed away peacefully around 4:15am central standard time. It has been a day of waves of peace and comfort knowing she is with God and waves a deep sadness missing her beautiful light and the pain of my lack of understanding for this situation. Donna has been in my life since I was a teenager. She married my brother Steve just about 40 years ago. Their daughter Debbie is married to Justin Erwin and they have 5 amazing children that Donna adored and spent every spare moment with. There are so many lives that Donna touched. She was always a warm, soft place to land no matter the need, she was always there in the lovliest of ways. She has a beautiful family that has always been loving and supportive. They have all been there for her, Steve and Debbie in these months of difficult and trying times. There are too many memories of her kindnesses and her fun loving ways that are causing waves of heartache and waves of gratitude at the same time. I called her the "Saint" of our family and surely if there ever was one, she was it. I will love her and remember her as long as I live. She stands as an example of a wonderful, fun, kind, caring woman who was most certainly a child of God. She stands as a shining example to each of us what it means to be a child of God and pay it forward every moment of your life. Her attributes are beyond and on top of that she loved her alma mater University of Oklahoma. Steve, my brother, graduated from University of Texas! That's love. It is not our job to understand but it is our job to accept in our time as we are able. Donna will be sorely missed by the world for surely it is not the same place without her light in it. I pray all the strong women of both our families were there to meet you and show you the way. I cannot imagine anything more appropriate and perfect. With love, Peg

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  1. Oh Peg! so sorry for your loss. This is a lovely tribute to Donna. I hope your loving memories give you some comfort.