Monday, March 11, 2013

Five H's


The first "H" is connected to another "H", my dear friend Jamie Hogan and a link to info about this stunning new book about the migration of humpback whales.  Written by April Pulley Sayre and illustrated beautifully by Jamie. It is both beautiful and you'll learn something you did not know about these amazing creatures.

Habitat endangerment

Hence the Panda planter so it can carry around it's own supply of bamboo.  This is one of those things that makes me smile.  A perfect pairing if I say so myself. 
There are so many animals just trying to "be" in the midst of selfish, thoughtless destruction of habitats for all kinds of animals. It is truly the point when excess becomes disgusting. Apparently not disgusting enough for those raping and pillaging our Earth with only the thought of money. I often think of the relationship of native Americans with their earth mother. Respect. Is it truly a thing of the past or do we have it in us to revive it?
I am on a roll with the "H" theme and the animale thing so here is to Heffalumps.

 Of course I mean elephants but needed to fit the "H" in.

There is a commercial on TV that makes an elephant a symbol of the disease COPD that I find revolting. An elephant is not a disease, it is a beautiful creature that has been captured and used in a circus show and again is being used.
I go over the edge at photos of elephants having been slaughtered for their tusks, sometimes an entire family. 
If you ever see anything about elephants and the people trying to study them and help them you will discover how connected they are to each other and their world. They have an intricate language. The beauty and wisdom of these creatures is readily apparent to anyone with eyes to see. Why murder them?  Money seems to be the answer to all these questions. Doesn't that seem incredibly stupid and sad to you?

  Here is my latest planter waiting to be bisqued.  It might be fun to plant some tall grasses for this guy to carry around.

We must have a rear view! Cute hinie, huh?

4th "H" is Home

It has been such a snowy winter and the beauty must be appreciated after all the grumbling about shovelling, the inconvenience and the horror of the parking lot down front where some park when we are going on the boat across to the big city, Portland.

Winter does have it's own stark beauty.  I never lived anywhere with 4 seasons and I must say it is an amazing experience as an adult. I adore the shifts (mental, physical and spiritually) that occur in conjunction with the shifting light and weather.  I do see the value of the transitions that take place, easing you from one season into, and preparing you for the next. One of the many joys of living in Maine.

Sadie and I love our walks in the snow.  She has a passion for snow and delights in it's every feature. Tomrrow is her 10th birthday, in the winter of her life according to the average life span of an Old English Sheepdog.  I hear her snoring in the midst of her morning nap as I write-one of those things that makes me smile!

The most delightful scenes get even better in the snow. This foundation and these basement doors were painted when there were way too many deer on the island. It is called "deer proof flowers" and never fails to bring joy to all who see it.  Priceless! Lovely to have flowers of this great beauty all year long!
Sadie & I say, "Aren't we lucky dogs!"

Hope for all

May all beings be free from suffering.
May we nurture our relationship to all living things and our earth.
With love.

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  1. I love all your "H" ideas. Thanks for the kind words about my book, dear friend. And also for the lovely poem. That's a keeper, indeed, as are YOU.