Thursday, March 14, 2013

Freed chimps and a Hippo planter

Since I have been feeling animals and their plights lately, here are a couple of things that will open your heart.  I heard today about a "chimp haven" in Louisiana for a bunch of chimps just released from biomedical research. 
See the video.

Another Hippo is born!!!

The first hippo was a trade which ended up being a really huge gift to me on several levels from my dear friend Sheila for her Mom, Ann.  I was gifted a joyful journey of cosmic proportions. I have missed the first hippo so badly that I decided to make another one and here it is.  I solicited suggestions of future animal planters from my potting buddies at Portland Pottery.  The list of 16 is now down to 15.  Oh, the road of joy in front of me!  I will keep you "posted" on the births as they come along.

Of course the token hinie shot. 

Have a look at the first hippo that found a home in Pennsylvania! It was the beginning of a great adventure for me that we hope will not end for a very long time.

Handsome, huh?

Remember Ladies!

Isn't it beautiful that we all have choices and we get to make them for ourselves.  It is great that we can talk about it and share without having to shove our choices down someone else's throat.  I can believe the way I do and make the choices I want and so can you for you! 

Remember all the sisters and the courageous women who came before us who make it possible for us to have choices today.  Let's build on what they started for future generations and don't let anyone ever take those choices away.

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